Payout rates & Information

What is the payout rate for video streaming ?

Please be advised that our current payout rate stands at a fixed rate of $33 per 10,000 video views across all geographic regions

Will the rate be changed upon the geo ?

Unlike some other video platforms pulling geo-tier tricks to mess with your cash flow, we keep it simple. Our payout stays solid at $33 for every 10,000 video views, no matter where your audience is. No nonsense, just a straightforward, fixed rate you can rely on

What are the rules of counting views?

We have implemented specific rules regarding view counting to prevent fraudulent earnings,

  • * Only one view is counted from one IP address for 12 hours.
  • * The video must be watched for at least 30 seconds by the viewer.

Kindly be aware that we reserve the full right to suspend or block your account in the event of any detected fraudulent activities against our view counting system

What are the available payout methods ?

At present, we exclusively facilitate payouts through the USDT TRC-20 cryptocurrency network. All payouts are processed within a maximum timeframe of 12 hours. Additionally, please note that a minimum payout threshold of $10 applies