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Free unlimited


๐Ÿ† We're the only video streaming service that lets you encode your videos with your own watermark ๐Ÿ†

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Why choose us ?

We don't charge anything at all!

Unlimited storage and bandwidth, no limits. We play by our own rules! No hidden charges & fees

Free industrial video encoding

Utilize cutting-edge encoding technology to optimize your video files, ensuring seamless streaming compatibility across all devices

Live stats & reports analysis

Perform in-depth analysis of live traffic statistics, covering geographical distribution, referral sources, and revenue insights

Player without our logo & stuff

Rest assured, we will not overlay our logo or include any distracting links within the video player interface

Add your own watermark to videos

We're the only video streaming provider allowing you to add your own text watermark to the videos itself while encoding

Multiple video uploading mechanisms

Flexibility to upload video content seamlessly, whether it's directly from your computer, through a provided link or via FTP

Dedicated account managers

A dedicated account manager is at your service around the clock, ready to address any issues you may have via Telegram live chat

Stable USDT crypto payouts

With us, you can withdraw your earned revenue seamlessly using stable USDT cryptocurrency, with no associated fees whatsoever

Super express payouts processing

We ensure your withdrawal requests are processed within a maximum of 12 hours, distinguishing us from competitors

How it works ?

Upload your videos to our express servers

Why waste your budget on exorbitant fees for video CDNs and storage servers? With our service, you can securely host all your videos at no cost and leverage your account as a dedicated private cloud video storage solution. Say goodbye to overspending and hello to efficient, no-fee video management

Share & Stream the uploaded videos

Once your video is uploaded, it's showtime to stream it to your audience. You can grab the embed code to seamlessly integrate it into your website or share it across forums and other platforms. Alternatively, you can obtain the direct link and easily distribute the content to your viewers

Make shit ton of money from the video views

Monetizing your content is the best part for everyone, and with our intelligent ad algorithms, we turn your traffic into cash through our network of advertisers. Say hello to effortless earnings with our smart ads solution!